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Sales Bluebird for cyber security sales teams & sales leaders

Andrew Monaghan

For salespeople and sales leaders at cybersecurity startups and companies about how to get better at your craft as a B2B cyber security seller and VP Sales / CRO. Includes SaaS sales and software sales. Actionable. Impactful. Sales tips. Sales ideas. Sales for startups. Cyber security sales.
153: Should you add more sellers to your sales team?August 19, 2022 Episode artwork 152: Christian Torres, CEO of Kriptos - importance of technology partners and why he brought on his first salespeople very earlyAugust 16, 2022 Episode artwork 151: Ayal Yogev, CEO and Co-Founder of Anjuna: What's more important... product or sales?August 12, 2022 Episode artwork 150: Wias Issa, CEO of Ubiq Security, on how Ubiq’s GTM for their API encryption for developersAugust 09, 2022 Episode artwork 149: A break down of two more companies’ answers to “What We Do” and how they could improve themAugust 05, 2022 Episode artwork 148: How to use strategic narrative to engage with prospects with Andy RaskinAugust 04, 2022 Episode artwork 147: Snir Ben Shimol, CSO at Cider, talks about market education & selling into the unknown August 02, 2022 Episode artwork 146: A break down of 2 companies’ answer to “what do you do?”July 28, 2022 Episode artwork 145: Snehal Antani, CEO at Horizon3, talks about telling the right stories and setting up the right pitch for customersJuly 22, 2022 Episode artwork 144: Rajiv Pimplaskar, CEO and President at Dispersive, talks about connecting with cybersecurity customers and scaling salesJuly 14, 2022 Episode artwork 143: How to answer the “What does your company do?” question without being boring or using buzzwordsJuly 12, 2022 Episode artwork 142: Michael Shieh, CEO and Founder at Appaegis, talks about making security professionals jobs easier and how to build a successful sales teamJuly 08, 2022 Episode artwork 141: Garret Grajek, CEO and Co-Founder at YouAttest on how he is making the lives of risk managers exponentially easierJune 28, 2022 Episode artwork 140: Ismet Geri, CEO at Veridium, talks in-depth about passwordless securityJune 23, 2022 Episode artwork 139: Jason Prindle, the Senior Director of Global Sales Development at Big ID, talks about his experience with hyper-personalization along with his four-pronged approach and how to put that approach into real-lifeJune 21, 2022 Episode artwork 138: Vladi Sandler, Co-Founder and CEO at Lightspin talks protecting cloud and Kubernetes environments from unknown risksJune 16, 2022 Episode artwork 137: Ian Bramson, Global Head of Industrial Cybersecurity at ABS Group, talks about the 3 shifts coming in industrial and operational tech securityJune 14, 2022 Episode artwork 136: Peter Prizio, CEO of SnapAttack talks the value in combining disparate tools to make the lives of red and blue teams easier June 08, 2022 Episode artwork 135: Giora Engel, Co-Founder and CEO of Neosec, talks unique ways to tackle API securityJune 06, 2022 Episode artwork 134: Greg Fitzgerald, Co-Founder and President of Sevco Security, talks the importance of understanding the problem the customer hasJune 03, 2022 Episode artwork 133: Brian Lake, COO of Torq, Innovation Sandbox finalist on their innovation and the importance of staying focused on the problems to solveJune 02, 2022 Episode artwork 132: Sharon Goldberg, Founder and CEO of BastionZero talks selling targeted cybersecurity solutionsMay 31, 2022 Episode artwork 131: Ofer Ben-Noon, Co-Founder and CEO of Talon Cyber Security, an Innovation Sandbox finalist at RSAMay 27, 2022 Episode artwork 130: Ani Chaudhuri, CEO and co-founder of Dasera, an Innovation Sandbox finalist at RSA this yearMay 26, 2022 Episode artwork 129: David Hatchell, Cybersecurity sales and business leader talks industrial controls systems and operational technologyMay 24, 2022 Episode artwork